MATRIX Academy is a private school located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in close proximity to York University. At our school, students are challenged to build strong academic skills in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology as well as in the humanities disciplines: English, World Geography and World History. In addition to our fundamental subjects, we offer enrichment courses in: Digital Arts, as well as after school programs in French, Russian, and Computer Graphics.


We believe that STEM students require proficiency in English, Geography, and History to succeed in modern society, which is why we also welcome students who excel in or are interested in humanities studies. We accept students of differing academic abilities; students who require more time to master their core knowledge skills, as well as those who are far more advanced in their mathematics and science studies. Our students are empowered to learn, which allows them to develop their academic and cognitive potential.


We aim to provide our students with an enhanced learning experience that fosters confidence, leadership, and responsibility, among other attributes, and we deliver our curriculum with an incremental methodology that facilitates increased learning retention and expanded comprehension.


We offer an effective incremental approach to education, under which previously taught concepts are reviewed on a regular basis to promote a better understanding of more complex concepts. We believe repetition is the key to a deeper understanding of subject material and we see students of all levels flourish under this method. We named our school based on our educational philosophy. It’s one that is grounded in the belief that success hinges upon expanding the Matrix through learning.