Non-Enrolled Students


We offer a number of classes on course by course basis. Currently we offer all core courses for Grade 9 and Grade 10. Please Contact us if you are looking for a specialized elective course.


Our after-school homework workshops are open to all children regardless of their abilities or enrollment. This is a great way to get your child the help they need without sky-high expenses of getting private tutors.

We also offer a number of classes on course by course basis. If your child only needs a credit for a specific course, contact us about part time enrollment!


Our most popular program is the homework club, where students have a chance to improve their study habits and practice independent learning, while still having the guidance of qualified teachers. For more details please our After School Programs page.


Some of our field trips and school events are open to non enrolled students. If you would like to know when such events take place, please contact us to request that we add you to our mailing list.




Over 20 thousand students are being home-schooled in Ontario alone. We offer part time enrollment as well as after-school activities, study session and summer programs that may find a great asset to your child's learning and social skills development.


Ways we can assist you with homeschooling your child:

- We do have the option for students to attend school several days a week while on other days they continue their studies at home.

- Our homework club offers a chance to work with dedicated teachers. If you find that your child needs some extra help with those advanced classes, this is a perfect opportunity.

- We do allow students outside the school to join us on certain field trips and events. Some of our field trips may not be easily accessible by general public.