MATRIX ACADEMY is a private school  in Toronto, Canada. The school has license from the government.

MATRIX ACADEMY 是加拿大多伦多的一所私立学校。这所学校有政府颁发的执照。


- We teach students from Canada

- 我们教来自加拿大的学生。


- We invite students  from China to study at  the full year programs.

- 我们邀请中国学生参加全年课程的学习。


- We invite students  from China to study at summer courses to improve their knowledge of English language.

- 我们邀请中国学生参加暑期课程的学习,来提高他们的英语知识。


- Our diploma helps to start studying at colleges and universities in Canada and United States.

- 我们的文凭有助于开始在加拿大和美国的学院和大学学习。


- We  prepare for ESL tests and other exams.

- 我们为ESL考试和其他考试做准备。


- We help to get visas to Canada for students and their parents.

- 我们帮助学生及其家长获得加拿大的签证。


- Our prices are lower than in most private schools and we give discounts for gifted students.

- 我们的价格比大多数私立学校都低,我们为有天赋的学生提供折扣。


Mandarin Club 汉语俱乐部

Mandarin club is focusing on introducing, sharing and learning Chinese language and culture, having face to face and in-group communication with native speakers to learn Mandarin from 0 level.
Parents with kids are welcome!