Virtual Courses

Virtual learning allows students to learn anytime, anywhere, studying and completing their assignments while managing their own schedule. It helps students sharpen their digital skills and gives them the opportunity to meet peers from all around the world. It's easy to get started — all of our materials are online. Once students log in, they are at school. Our online classes can be delivered in both lecture and interactive formats and are taught in real time. There is a lot of interaction between teachers and students. Students are encouraged to answer questions, use a virtual whiteboard, make presentations and work on projects.

All of our online classes have on-site final examinations for students residing in the Greater Toronto Area. For students outside of this region, proctored online exams will replace on-site examinations in most cases. For more information about course enrollment, examinations and the associated fees, please contact the school office. To register for one of our online courses, please visit our Admission page.