At Matrix Academy, we believe that knowledge is not empowering unless it receives the guiding light of wisdom and certain catalyzing principles such as confidence, diligence, leadership, responsibility, and perseverance.

Instilling confidence within each individual student requires careful nurturing on the part of our educators. Too much encouragement can lead to complacency and the lowering of standards to the point of mediocrity. On the other hand, too little encouragement can lead to resignation and a feeling of futility. The carrot and the stick metaphor is applicable only insofar as there must be a reward-discipline approach to encourage students to strive harder and reach farther.

Due diligence implies that students are encouraged to do their best, without overtaxing themselves, losing sleep or damaging their health. So, there must be a balance between active learning and passive learning. Diligence must be tempered by humility and self-control.

Responsible leadership requires that students be taught to develop leadership abilities with the necessary virtues that go with them. Developing a sense of responsibility is not something that can be learned in one day’s sitting. Care must be taken that the proper maturity is developed before the next step is taken. We wish to see our young people have a as smooth a transition as possible from childhood to teenage, teenage to adolescence and adolescence to adulthood.

As for perseverance, we will cultivate in our students a sense of resolve and determination toward study and extracurricular activities. Students can be encouraged to be eager, earnest and even competitive provided there is a sense of good sportsmanship instilled in our approach to healthy competition.

We hope that gives you a better picture of our school. It is something our dedicated team are focused on even after hours. In fact, there is no time of the waking day when we are not focused on improving the school, our program or what we can offer the students. They are our future and we are determined to see that it is a very bright one.