Our education model is built on the belief that knowledge is made much more valuable when it’s paired with critical thinking. We provide the highest level of instruction and individual student attention to broaden our students’ understanding of all academic subjects, while also seeing to it that they learn the coursework by means that promote valuable life skills to benefit them as they move toward becoming young adults – confidence, diligence, leadership, responsibility, and perseverance. Benefits of studying at Matrix Academy include:
  • A European study model that uses an incremental approach to delivering a curriculum. Under an incremental approach our instructors conduct reviews of key concepts on a regular basis. This methodology is in contrast to the ‘mastery approach’ where students are presented with concepts, but typically do not revisit them until much later in the year. With our incremental teaching approach, these topics are revisited on a continual basis. It makes for better learning retention plus depth of comprehension and perspective for our students, and accordingly we believe in it wholeheartedly. Our goal is to help every one of students reach his or her full potential.
  • STEM program that inspires students’ learning of science, technology, engineering, and math.
  • At our school in Toronto we welcome students of any heritage, but follow more of a European model with social and science program – where chemistry, biology, physics, world history and geography, are taught as individual subjects as compared to being studied within a single course here in North America.
  • A science club that incorporates appearances and presentations from students and professors from York University, with whom we have strong relations.
  • We insist on small class sizes so students can receive the entirety of the individual attention they need throughout the term.
  • Math Tutoring (including math enrichment program) that advances students’ understanding of mathematics principles and application of them, particularly valuable given the growing number of professions that require advanced math skills.