Educational Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is grounded in the belief that students connected to a larger matrix of knowledge have a greater chance of success. They can meet and rub shoulders with more people from diverse fields and backgrounds and have more opportunities in a competitive job market. This is why the name of our school became Matrix Academy.

Our Mission

At Matrix Academy, we believe that scientific research must always be guided by a sense of responsibility and prudence. In light of this, we try to cultivate certain principles in our students: diligence, leadership, and perseverance.

Due diligence implies that students are encouraged to do their best, without overtaxing themselves, losing sleep or damaging their health. So, there must be a balance between active learning and passive learning. Diligence must be tempered by self-discipline and self-control.

Responsible leadership requires that students be taught to develop leadership abilities with the necessary virtues that go with them. We wish to see our young people have a as smooth a transition as possible from childhood to teenage, teenage to adolescence and adolescence to adulthood.

As for perseverance, we will cultivate in our students a sense of resolve and determination toward study and extracurricular activities. Students can be encouraged to be eager, earnest and even competitive provided there is a sense of good sportsmanship instilled in our approach to healthy competition.