1. Do your courses count toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)?

Yes, all our courses count towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). As a remote private school, Matrix Academy is regularly inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education, and the Ministry has authorized our school to provide OSSD credits.

2. Are your courses accepted by colleges and universities?

Matrix Academy is a fully accredited private school located in Toronto, Canada. That’s why universities and colleges around the world recognize our courses and admit our students into their programs.

3. When can I apply? Can I apply only in the summer?

You can apply any time of year, for any semester. There are three semesters in total each year. The first semester runs from September to December; the second semester is from January to April; and the third semester is from May to June. There is also a summer school from July to August. Please note that courses are subject to availability. Contact Matrix Academy for more information.

4. Do teachers provide live lessons?

Yes, they do. At Matrix Academy, all our classes are held in “live format.” In other words, each lesson is synchronous. So, during every class, students can interact with their teachers and classmates in real-time, similar to a traditional school.

5. Do your credits satisfy online learning graduation requirements?

No, only asynchronous courses are counted towards online learning graduation requirements. Matrix Academy has opted out of providing online learning graduation requirements. That is why our students are not required to take asynchronous courses. However, if students would like to take asynchronous courses they can take them through our partner school, ILC TVO.

6. How long does it take to complete one of your courses?

Each course requires 110 hours of study, as per the Ministry of Education requirements. In total, it takes 3.5- 4 months to complete a course. The Matrix Academy class calendar and course schedule are given to each student before they begin their studies. Also, every student is provided with a password to access our online learning platform.

7. Do I have to be present at a specific time for class?

Yes. There is a weekly class schedule for every course, and students must be online for each lesson. Classes are held on Zoom. Matrix Academy has a strict attendance policy. Missing lessons and exams without a valid reason are not allowed. In fact, when taking a course, if a student misses 12 classes, he or she will fail the course.

8. How often do I have to take exams at Matrix Academy?

At the end of each course, there is an exam which usually consists of both oral and written sections. Each section must be taken under your teacher or proctor’s supervision. If you fail to attend an exam you will receive a mark of zero.

9. What is your grading policy?

At Matrix Academy, every course is graded in a similar manner. Grades are given according to the following criteria: 70% for class assignments and 30% for the final exam grade.

10. Are there any course refunds?

No, Matrix Academy does not issue refunds for courses. We also do not allow for course transfers. Furthermore, we provide no refunds or reductions in fees in case of dismissal, absence, non-attendance, or withdrawal.

11. What learning platforms does Matrix Academy use?

Our school uses Ayotree, which is an online education platform. Students can access Ayotree through their internet browser. On Ayotree, students will find their course materials, grades, schedule, and other relevant information. They can also send messages to their teachers and receive emails. Additionally, Matrix Academy uses Zoom for direct communication and teaching courses.