Student Records at Matrix Academy

While studying at our school, students will encounter different documents that are required by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Specifically, these are Ontario Students Records (OSR), report cards, Ontario Student Transcripts (OST), and Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Below, we have provided some information about each document.

Ontario School Records

An Ontario School Record (OSR) is kept on file for each student attending Matrix Academy. This record contains the academic history of the student in Ontario schools from kindergarten onwards. This file is the property of the Provincial Ministry of Education and is kept at the student’s main school according to the Ministry’s requirements. Should students choose to attend a different school in Ontario, their OSR will be transferred to that school upon parental request or due to the student’s request (for students 18 and older).

Ontario Student Transcripts

The Ontario Student Transcript is the official record of all secondary school courses completed by a student. This document includes the credits a student has earned toward meeting the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). The marks a student has achieved for a completed course are annually recorded as a percentage in numerical figures. Students can receive a copy of their OST at no cost. However, if they require Matrix Academy to send an official copy of the transcript to a university or college, additional costs might be charged.

 Report Cards

 A student's academic achievement is communicated formally to the student and parents via the Provincial Report Card, Grades 9-12. The report card documents the student’s achievement in every course they’ve taken at a secondary school in Ontario. It also includes teachers’ comments on the student’s strengths and weaknesses and specific suggestions for improvement. Furthermore, the report card contains separate sections for recording the student’s attendance and for evaluating their learning skills in every course.

At the end of each course, a final grade is recorded, and credit is granted for every course in which the student’s grade is 50 percent or higher (reflecting achievement at Level 1 or above). A copy of the report card will be sent to students and/or to the main school the student is enrolled in.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma

To obtain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), students must complete all the requirements outlined by the Ontario Ministry of Education. As a Ministry of Education-inspected high school, Matrix Academy is authorized to grant OSSDs to our students.