Canadian Students at Matrix Academy

Canadian students from any province may enroll in our courses. Whether they attend a public or private school, they can take individual courses or they can earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Students who are homeschooled can also attend Matrix Academy.

Matrix Academy will award the OSSD to students who have completed all of their high school courses with us. We will also give the OSSD to students who have taken high school courses at other licensed schools but have successfully completed their final credit(s) with us.

Enrollment Requirements

Ontario Students

Some courses at Matrix Academy require prerequisite credits. In order to enroll in one of these courses, Ontario students must provide proof that they have the prerequisite credit(s). To do so, they must send their report card or Ontario Student Transcript (OST) to our school. If a student is taking individual courses at Matrix Academy, as soon as they are enrolled, we will notify their main school. We will also send their midterm and final report cards to the main school directly.

 Out-of-Province Students

Out-of-province Canadian students who would like to take individual courses at Matrix Academy may go through a course waiver process. If they have completed similar prerequisite courses, they must submit their report card(s) and transcripts for evaluation purposes. However, if out-of-province students are planning to earn an OSSD at Matrix Academy, they will be required to go through a PLAR process. PLAR stands for “Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition.” They must also submit their report cards or transcripts for evaluation purposes. Once our school has reviewed their student records we will specify which courses the out-of-province student is eligible to take.

 Homeschooled Students

Homeschooled students must provide proof of having covered topics required by the Ontario curriculum for each course they’ve taken. They must also show us the materials they have used for each course and any report cards or achievement certificates issued by their parents/guardians. Furthermore, homeschooled students who are planning to take grade 11-12 courses at Matrix Academy will be required to complete admission tests in English, math and science. This will help us evaluate their eligibility to take courses at our school.

 Tuition Costs

Our tuition costs depend on a number of factors— for instance, students' grades, course type and prerequisites required. Additionally, full-time students are eligible for discounted rates, whereas students taking individual courses will have to pay a higher fee. Usually, grade 11 students are required to take eight courses, while grade 12 students might only need to complete six courses.

Keep in mind that our tuition costs are slightly higher than tuition at asynchronous schools due to the nature of our school (for example, we offer live courses via Zoom). However, our fees are more reasonable than prices at traditional schools. In addition to tuition costs, we charge registration and administrative fees.

 To make paying the fees convenient and affordable, we offer flexible payment plans. For example, parents can choose our semester, semi-semester, 10 or 12-month payment options. Please contact Matrix Academy for more information about our tuition and registration prices.


Step 1
Contact Matrix Academy by using our contact form located on our website. We will provide information about course prerequisites, the course waiver process, equivalency credit assessments and more.
Step 2

Submit documents required for assessment purposes.

These include the following:

a. Report cards/OST/Achievement certificate
b. Materials used for each course (if required)

Step 3
Take admissions tests (if required)
Step 4

Complete the registration forms and provide proof of Canadian residency by submitting one of the following documents.

a. Canadian birth certificate
b. Canadian passport
c. Permanent resident card or documents proving the student’s refugee or landed immigrant status in Canada

Step 5
Pay tuition and registration fees via an e-transfer or bank wiring. Contact Matrix Academy for more details.
Step 6
Receive your login details. This will allow you to access our school’s online education platform.
Step 7
Join a Matrix Academy orientation session, if needed, and get started!