International Students at Matrix Academy

At Matrix Academy, students who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents are regarded as international students. In order to enroll in courses at our school, students must demonstrate that they have covered subject topics required by the Ontario curriculum for each course. For courses with prerequisites, students are required to submit their report card(s) and/or student records showing all the courses taken in their home country.

Furthermore, international students are required to take admission tests and/or provide ESL proficiency test scores. For successful studies at Matrix Academy, students usually must have achieved at least the B2 level on the Cambridge Test; a level 6 on the IELTS; or a 69-70 on the TOEFL.

Please note that students cannot take only exams to earn their credits. As per the Ontario Ministry of Education’s policies, all students are required to complete both coursework and exams which constitutes 110 hours in total.

 Tuition Fees

International students must contact Matrix Academy directly or their country representative regarding tuition and administrative fees. Usually, international students pay slightly higher fees than their Canadian peers. Currently, we offer discounted rates only for Ukrainian students.

In addition to tuition costs, paying other registration and administrative fees might be required. To learn more about our school fees please contact Matrix Academy.


Step 1
Contact Matrix Academy using our contact form to learn about equivalency credit assessments.
Step 2

Submit the documents required for assessment purposes. If your documents are not in English, you will need to provide an official translation which was completed by a certified translator and/or certified by a notary.

The following documents may be required:

a. Report card(s)/OST/Achievement certificates
b. Curriculum materials

Step 3
Take admissions tests.
Step 4

Complete registration forms and provide one of the following ID documents issued in English. Documents that are not in English must be accompanied by an official translation.

a. Passport/Government ID/Birth Certificate
b. Driver’s license

Step 5
Pay the tuition and registration fees. Contact Matrix Academy for payment details.
Step 6
Receive your login details. This will allow you to access our school’s online education platform.
Step 7
Join a Matrix Academy orientation session, if needed, and get started!