Poetry Day at Matrix Academy

Matrix Academy does more than just teach the Ontario curriculum. Our school also encourages students to engage in extracurricular activities. We believe that these activities not only enhance students' learning but help them grow into well-rounded individuals.  

That’s why, in close collaboration with Poetry in Voice, Matrix Academy celebrates Poetry Day on a yearly basis. On this day, poets visit our school virtually and conduct workshops via Zoom with students. Students also participate in a recitation contest that is judged by a visiting poet. Furthermore, they write impromptu poems. Poetry Day has been a smashing success among our students and we look forward to collaborating with Poetry in Voice for years to come.

Looking back on Matrix Academy’s past Poetry Days, there is one moment in particular that stands out. In April 2022, during the poet Alice Burdick’s workshop, one of our Ukrainian students, Oleksii B., wrote a heartfelt poem. In this poem, he described his experience saying “goodbye” to his beloved piano during the war. Through his clever use of language, readers can truly empathize with the love he had for his piano and the pain he felt in giving it up. Oleksii was forced to flee his homeland suddenly due to the ongoing conflict.

It turns out that we weren’t the only ones impressed by Oleksii’s poem. Not only was it published in Acro Poetry Magazine, but he also read his poem—together with 10 Canadian finalists who won the recitation contest—in the Online National Finals Show.

Below we’ve posted Oleksii’s poem, “Dear Piano,” in both English and Ukrainian. https://arcpoetry.ca/editorials/dear-piano-by-oleksii-buznitskyi/

Dear Piano,

I’m Sorry, but this is my goodbye, at least for now.

I am really far away from you, at least for now.

I am starting to forget how to play that melody

that you like me to play, at least for now.

I am starting to forget this feeling

in my fingers to play you, at least for now,

but I will never forget the life that you gave me,

at least never in my life.


Дороге піаніно,

Вибач за це, але це моє прощання, принаймні на даний момент.

Я дійсно далеко від тебе, принаймні на даний момент.

Я починаю забувати як грати ту мелодію яку ти любиш щоб я грав, принаймні на даний момент.

Я починаю забувати це почуття в пальцях щоб грати тебе, принаймні на даний момент,

але я ніколи не забуду життя яке ти дало мені, принаймні ніколи в моєму житті.


About Poetry in Voice

Founded in 2010, Poetry in Voice is a registered charity located in Canada. With a vision to get everyone in Canada speaking poetry, they’ve focused their efforts on becoming a resource for educators across the country. To achieve this mission, they provide interesting and interactive content and activities in both English and French. After reading, writing, and reciting poetry in a fun, interactive manner, Poetry in Motion hopes that students develop a life-long love of poetry.