Student Highlights Photo

Marta was one of our top students at Matrix Academy. She got inspired to study political science and pursue a career as a politician after taking an international business course at our school. In fact, she had a lot of interest in our business classes— especially in Business Leadership and Current Economic Issues. According to Marta, these are essential subjects needed for pursuing her political career.

While still in high school, Marta had already made great strides toward achieving her goals. In her native country, Ukraine, she was the deputy of the Kharkiv Youth City Council. Since she is passionate about international relations and has expressed interest in eventually becoming a diplomat, she joined the committee on international cooperation. And as the project manager at the NGO “Public Diplomacy Platform,” she was given the opportunity to represent Ukraine internationally. Even more impressive, she had the honorable goal of fostering the cooperation of youth on an international level. We are very proud of Marta and her accomplishments!

With an ambitious drive to achieve success, in the summer of 2022, Marta was admitted to a Yale Young Global Scholars to political science program where she received a full scholarship. Additionally, she was given full scholarships to attend both UBC and Georgetown University, DC, USA. After careful consideration, she decided to pursue a bachelor's degree at Georgetown University. She will begin her studies in September 2023.