Student Highlights Photo

At first, Nurlan didn’t plan to earn his high school credits online, but a series of unexpected events led him to our school. After studying in an onsite Canadian school for a year, Nurlan was not happy with his experience, so he hopped on a plane and headed back to his hometown in Kazakhstan. Luckily, it didn’t take him long to find an alternative option: Matrix Academy. We were thrilled when he decided to enroll in our courses.

According to Nurlan, studying online is better than taking classes in person for many reasons. First, it saves time since you don’t have to commute to school. Second, studying from home is much more enjoyable because you can get cozy, relax, and don’t have to sit in uncomfortable chairs. Third, it’s easier to concentrate in a quiet environment at home. And since you have the option of studying alone, there are zero distractions from friends, which had been an issue for Nurlan in the past. Finally, taking courses online worked better for his schedule. Nurlan is a hockey player so he spends a lot of time on the skating rink, either practicing or competing. By taking classes on Zoom, he had more time to do what he really loves. We’re happy that online learning was the perfect fit for him!

Since he began his studies at Matrix Academy, Nurlan has come a long way. After taking business courses at our school, he was inspired to pursue a career in business. That’s why he applied to the renowned business program at Module University in Vienna, Austria. Gaining acceptance into their bachelor’s program was a big accomplishment for Nurlan and we are very proud of him. He will begin his studies at the school in September 2023.